Pierce 4×4 Custom Pumpers Deliver Superior Stability and Maneuverability


Pierce Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, has a long and distinguished history of producing innovative and high-quality fire apparatus. The company’s first custom cab four-wheel drive fire truck was completed in 1997, and since then, Pierce has continued to pioneer the development of 4×4 fire fighting vehicles.


Bernalillo County Pierce 4x4 Custom Pumper

Enhanced Stability and Maneuverability

One of the key benefits of Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers is their superior stability and maneuverability. These vehicles are designed to maintain stability at angles of up to 26.5 degrees, in both forward and reverse directions, exceeding the NFPA 1901 Section 4.13 Vehicle Stability test requirements. This enhanced stability is crucial for safe operation in challenging conditions, such as uneven terrain or steep inclines.

Exceptional Off-Road Capability

With their higher ground clearance and increased tire traction, Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers can confidently navigate off-road environments. This capability is particularly valuable for departments that respond to emergencies in rural or remote areas.

Superior Visibility for Improved Situational Awareness

The forward cab design of Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers gives operators exceptional visibility, allowing them to clearly see obstacles and hazards, even in off-road conditions. This enhanced visibility is essential for safe and efficient navigation, especially during emergency situations.

Optimized Power Transfer for Enhanced Traction

Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers are equipped with advanced power transfer systems that ensure optimal power distribution to all four wheels. This feature provides superior traction and control in slippery or challenging conditions, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall vehicle performance.

Accessible Compartments for Optimal Firefighting Efficiency

Despite their increased height, Pierce 4×4 custom engines feature a notched body design that maintains easy access to all compartments. This ensures that firefighters can quickly and efficiently retrieve the tools and equipment they need to combat fires, regardless of the vehicle’s position.


Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers are a valuable asset for any fire department, offering a combination of versatility, performance, and safety. Their enhanced stability, maneuverability, visibility, power transfer, and compartment accessibility make them ideal for a wide range of firefighting applications. If your department is looking for a reliable and capable fire apparatus that can handle even the most challenging conditions, Pierce 4×4 custom pumpers are an excellent choice.