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Siddons-Martin leads the industry with integrity, innovation, and a dedication to complete service solutions for the life of your equipment. We understand the critical tasks of getting your apparatus operational and back in service with the fastest turn-around possible. We offer our complete service capabilities so your equipment can rely on us 24/7.




Pump Testing

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Pump Testing

Our facilities are equipped with underground pump test pits at our Brookshire, Houston, Kirby, Manor and Port Arthur service centers that allow us to timely test, diagnose and repair your fire pumps so we can get your truck back in service! Our certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians provide full NFPA documentation on each performance test.

What is an annual pump test?

An annual pump test is a procedure to document that your fire pump can perform at its rated capacity from draft. The drivetrain, pump, pump transmission and associated plumbing are run through a progressive series of tests that are designed to verify the system is in sound working condition.

Will a pump test affect my ISO rating?

Yes. ISO weighs 100 points out of a maximum of 654 on annual pump testing. To obtain the maximum number of ISO points for pump testing, you are required to have documented tests for at least the previous three years. In addition to ISO points, performing this test on a regular basis will give you peace of mind knowing that your apparatus is ready to deliver when needed.

When else is a pump test needed?

A pump test should be performed on any pump that has been repaired or modified in such a way that may affect pumping performance. The test not only assures you that the pump and its associated plumbing can deliver its rated capacity, it also proves that the engine and drive train are up to the task.

Before you test…

Prior to testing is a great time to do preventive maintenance on the apparatus by changing the engine oil, pump transmission oil, associated filters and servicing the transmission. Making a certified pump test part of your annual preventive maintenance plan ensures the maximum benefit to your community by having your fire equipment ready to respond!

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