ClearSky™ Fire Apparatus Telematics

ClearSky™ Fire Apparatus Telematics by Pierce Manufacturing

At Siddons-Martin Emergency Group we understand that innovative firefighting technology helps ensure firefighters have access to advanced tools and equipment designed to function safely and effectively on the fire ground.

But what about your apparatus?

Your apparatus responds 24/7 and with SMEG monitored telematics we are available at any time

With Telematics improve all aspects of your fire apparatus, including the way they are built, operated and maintained. Telematics improves fleet maintenance, fleet operations and fleet budgeting by providing real-time asset data. Learn more on our blog post below.

What Are Fire Apparatus Telematics?

When purchasing an apparatus from Siddons-Martin Emergency Group with Fire apparatus telematics you will be provided with  real-time data on the status of your fire apparatus. This real time data can help understand the vehicles current state of ‘health’ and can be used to track location and activity and it can be used to forecast or predict service needed on the vehicles. This data is used by your Siddons-Martin service team.

The ability to immediately identify problems that will affect your response is critical to fleet continuity. Identifying potential safety issues when thewy are small is a big plus to monitored telematics.

By predicting or forecasting this information, your department can manage when vehicles enter the service facility, causing less disruption in station operations and supporting a much faster service interval.

How Do Fire Apparatus Telematics Work?

The Pierce® Command Zone electrical system, which is already integrated into Pierce apparatus, allows for not only standard truck vehicle data but also proprietary apparatus information to be completely integrated into our telematics solution.

The web-based solution transmits data via cellular connectivity to the cloud. A user can use a dashboard or portal to provide useful information about a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles to you, our Siddons-Martin service team and others focused on fleet management.

Why Are Telematics Beneficial to Fire Departments?

Each fire department has unique requirements and expectations regarding fire truck functionality. Equipment is specified to different regions and areas of operation. There are stresses put on vehicles at locations that decrease maintenance intervals on components that can be quickly identified with this system. Telematics enhances a fire department’s overall efficiency, safety, cost control, reporting and analysis for improved fleet intelligence.

Why is this important?

Fire truck maintenance can be expensive. The ability to track data and remotely access a fault condition can enhance predictive maintenance, reduce truck downtime and support optimal operating levels. Ultimately, telematics gives your department peace of mind because it provides a better understanding of a vehicle’s real-time status.

Telematics Reduce Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership

Pierce’s CZ Connect offers solutions to help your department reduce their total cost of ownership, including:

  • Operational Efficiency. Telematics allows your department and Siddons-Martin service personal the opportunity to review the real-time status of a vehicle to see how the truck is performing and if any maintenance is required. With real-time visibility, your department can forecast repairs, order parts in advance, and be prepared with the right equipment when the truck enters one of our service centers. On a breakdown scenario the ability to diagnose remotely can be a great cost saving and limit Downtime or out of service time.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs. With real-time data on the condition of a vehicle, your department will have the ability to proactively address fault codes or other required service. Deeper analytics accurately forecast budget requirements. Alerts catch early problems, allowing for faster, easier and less costly repairs as well as longer vehicle service life.

When purchasing an apparatus from Siddons-Martin and with the use of Pierce’s CZ connect telematics, the total cost of ownership can be reduced by addressing maintenance and operating costs with the least amount of disruption while improving vehicle readiness. It allows for more accurate record keeping utilizing the pre programmed alerts and service interval features.

Pierce Command Zone purpose-built telematics monitor essential performance levels in real-time, minimize maintenance time and intervals and provide the greatest insight available into fire truck readiness.

Pierce Telematics Technology

Pierce’s electrical systems are designed to evolve with fire industry technology while maintaining a reliable and configurable foundation comprised of proven hardware.

If your fire department already uses a fleet management solution, you can still take advantage of Pierce CZ Connect. The system can complement and augment your existing telematics solution when your fire trucks are outfitted with Command Zone.

All personnel in your organization can learn to utilize the system and it can be another toll to insure daily checks are accurate and the need for intervention to a problem can be immediate.

What Is Included with CZ Connect?

Smeg Technician

The CZ Connect solution includes custom alerts, maintenance planning, truck data analytics, geofencing and reporting. This information can be viewed in several ways, including through dashboards, scheduled reports or with customized scheduled reports.

  • Custom alerts. Alerts can be tailored to meet your requirements; from re-fueling notifications to email alerts when specific triggers are met (such as leaving the geo-zone for mutual aid.) Alerts offer fleet and operations managers the opportunity to see real-time status updates and take appropriate action.
  • Maintenance planning. End users can customize maintenance plans for all fire apparatus to assure the department’s vehicles are ready to perform at optimal levels. Fleet managers have improved maintenance tracking to review maintenance schedules and customize maintenance intervals.
  • Truck Data Analytics. Departments can monitor a broad range of data points such as daily fuel consumption, engine hours and idle engine hours. Data analytics have the potential to improve budget forecasting so departments can put money where it is needed the most. Real time data can be used to increase fleet size and relocation of units based on usage and maintenance to better balance fleet milage and the asset life projections.
  • Reports. Reports can be viewed in two different ways: dashboards allow users to see at-a-glance data, while scheduled reports are customized based on metrics deemed to be the most meaningful to a department and can be programmed to perform calculations to streamline analysis. For example, an automated report can provide basic data points such as engine hours and idle hours, but can also take it a step further and calculate the percentage of time a truck spends idling.
  • Geofencing. Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around a defined geographic area, such as a fueling point or jurisdiction. The boundary can be a circle of any diameter or any customized shape or size needed. As a truck enters or exits the geofence, the activity is logged on the portal and an email notification can be sent to designated users. This improves fleet management and firefighting operations, and it also helps prevent theft or unauthorized use of vehicles.

The CZ Connect cellular telematics system adds value by allowing secure web access to real-time data that includes vehicle readiness, maintenance planning and operational metrics. The ability to track and remotely access data increases vehicle uptime and overall performance. Having the ability to have a service group log into the unit at any time can be the difference of a small issue correction versus a potential catastrophic failure.

Interested in learning more about adding a telematics solution to your existing fleet? Contact your Siddons-Martin Sales Representative with your questions on fire apparatus telematics!

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