Battling a raging blaze, failure is not an option.  For firefighters, only one thing stands between you and deadly chaos.  Your firetruck.  For generations, Pierce Manufacturing set the gold standard; building custom cutting edge firetrucks that battle blazes and save lives.  Today, at over 1800 vehicles per year, no company in the world builds more firefighting apparatus than Pierce Manufacturing. 









FXP Pumper

The FXP is a pre-engineered Pierce pumper with 1000-gallon tank and over 120 options available on the Freightliner 2-Door or 4-Door chassis and an exclusive 5-Year / 100,000-mile chassis warranty.  

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Pierce commercial responder offers an enclosed pump panel, LED compartment lights, spatter painted compartments and 10” raised rear body. Available on Freightliner and International chassis. 

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An F550 hauling 250 or 300 gallons.  The Pierce mini pumpers feature taller compartments, shorter overall length and a full-depth-lower-rear extended configuration.  

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Six body lengths & over 300 different body configurations including high side, broom, and low side compartments – fully customizable to give you exactly what your department and community needs.

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When Pierce designs a rescue pumper, every feature, every square foot of space, is designed to help you do your job better. Rescue-Pumpers offer full-depth compartments over the entire height of the compartment, each with up to 800 pounds of carrying capacity and a multitude of storage options.

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Build your apparatus around your needs, not a bulky pump house. The PUC minimizes the vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes the space for tools and equipment. Yet it still provides big pump, foam and CAFS capabilities for when they’re needed.

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Husky™ Industrial

Manage tough industrial and Class B responses with the elite in the industry. Pierce Industrial products offer second-to- none performance offerings of balanced pressure foam systems, high-capacity monitors, dry-chem systems and more.

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Wildland Type 3

Designed to answer the urgent call in a more complex scene, Pierce® Wildland Type 3 is equipped with PTO pumps that flow up to 1000 gpm, along with the capacity to carry a 5-person crew.

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Patrol / Utility

A Patrol truck is a highly maneuverable, quick attack piece of equipment. It packs a punch with a foam system and up to 400 gallons of water, and has great tool storage capacity.

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Foam Options

Husky™ 3

The best-performing, most versatile value foam system in its class.  3 gpm Class A or Class B foam.

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Husky™ 12

A 12 gpm foam pump, one-button operation designed to pump any Class A or Class B foam.

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Husky™ Industrial

A 300 gpm balanced pressure system, designed for class A or B foams / 0.3%, 0.5%, 1%, 3%, or 6% foam concentrates

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Hercules™ CAFS

A powerful 140 and 200 CFM systems are 5X more effective than using water alone.

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Contact Fire Division

From pre-construction to delivery, our highly trained team of fire apparatus specialists will walk you through every-step to ensure your new apparatus is built from the ground up – just the way you want it. No one works more closely with their customers to configure each vehicle around their demands. Give us a call at 800-784-6806. Our dedicated sales and service team stand ready to assist you.