Clean Gear, New Badge of Honor

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group is committed to helping change the culture and mindset of firefighters by limiting exposure to carcinogens and reducing cross-contamination from bunker gear to individuals, equipment, the fire station, personal vehicles, and even family members. This page includes materials designed to help firefighters understand some of their cancer risks and to provide additional resources and information on how to reduce those risks for your department.

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group and Pierce Manufacturing are paving the way to a new era in firefighting apparatus:

  • Designing interiors that make contaminants easier to see;
  • Designing cabs that are more easily decontaminated;
  • Onboard decon reminders;
  • Offering single system floor coverings, HEPA filtration systems, and warm water decon systems;
  • Planning storage compartments for moving gear, tools, and even SCBAs out of the cab; and
  • Moving electrical switches higher and away from potential contaminants.

Ask your Siddons-Martin sales representative how they can help you design your apparatus to be safer for firefighters.


Firefighter Cancer Initiative

This video below has been evaluated and has been shown to be effective at increasing intentions to engage in decontamination processes after a fire, including showering, routine cleaning of gear, bagging gear before transport, and using wipes on scene.

Firefighter Safety is Our Mission #1

Bunker Gear Transfer: The Invisible Danger

Firefighter Cancer Initiative. Download PDF

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