®Pierce Volterra™


Zero Emissions.  Zero Compromise.

Reduce emissions, minimize fuel and produce less noise with no compromise on apparatus features, performance, functionality and safety with an electric fire truck. The revolutionary Volterra™ platform of electric vehicles meets the needs of your fire department while providing the operational performance you expect from your apparatus. Whether driving or pumping, the operational benefits of the distinct power source solution provide transparent vehicle operational characteristics to the firefighter.










Patented Parallel-Electric Drive Train (EMIVT)


Integrated Onboard Batteries


Full Recharge in Under 90 Minutes


Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) for seamless extended operation

Pumping Configurations

Up to 2000 gpm (On batteries or ICE)

Electrical System

Pierce Command Zone™

Front Axle Suspension

Leaf or TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension

Leaf, Rubber, or Air; Single or Tandem

Cab Length

60″, 70″ or 84″


Barrier or Full Height

Cramp Angle (maximum)


Frame Rail


Cab Roof Style

Flat or Raised (10″ or 24″)

Front GAWR (maximum)

23,000 lb

Rear GAWR (maximum)

48,000 lb

Cab Width


Seating Capacity


Frontal Air Bags


Side Roll Protection



On all Pierce electric fire trucks, an Oshkosh patented parallel-electric drivetrain featuring an EMIVT allows zero-emissions operation when powered by the integrated onboard batteries.

The electric fire truck chassis will operate independently in either the all-electric, or internal combustion engine modes. The EMIVT leverages either source of power to provide uninterrupted performance in extended emergency operations.

Operating on Electric

  • Batteries used to power the EMIVT for all-electric, zero emission operation.
  • Powered by energy from the grid, the most sufficient source of generated power.
  • Simplified solution allows traditional vehicle accessories to be powered by the EMIVT.

Operating using ICE

  • ICE engagement is automated with seamless transition after batteries have been depleted.
  • EMIVT allows for mechanical couple to the ground on ICE mode.
  • EMIVT’s parallel electric drive is more efficient than a range extender.


Volterra™ Driving Batteries


Volterra™ Driving Diesel



Standardized Pierce pumping configurations, up to 2000 gpm, are driven through the EMVIT and are powered by either the integrated onboard batteries or the internal combustion engine.

The driveline allows for zero emissions during quick attack responses, and has the ability to transition seamlessly to internal combustion power for extended pumping operations.

  • Standard controls and pump panel layout for operation in either mode
  • Energy from either batteries or ICE, power the pump through the EMIVT.
  • A distinct power source solution provides redundancy for transparent and continuous operational confidence.
  • Loss of battery solution does not limit the pumping performance.



A fire station-based, all encompassing vehicle charging infrastructure provides operational readiness for Volterra electric fire trucks.

Charging solutions are tailored to provide an unobtrusive installation necessary for any station. Established nationwide energy experts offer simple, fast charging solutions capable of full electric fire truck recharge in less than 90 minutes.

Pierce Electric Fire Truck Charging in Station




Volterra™ Charging

  • Batteries are located between the cab and pump house providing benefits to the overall vehicle packaging while also contributing to vehicle safety.
  • No consumption of compartment space or limitation of body configuration.
  • Battery center of gravity is below apparatus combined center of gravity for zero compromise on handling and performance.
  • Placed above frame rails providing a highly protected space that will not be influenced by road debris, side or rear vehicle collisions, or approach and departure angles.

Product Highlights

Innovations by Pierce

Pierce Manufacturing is an industry leader when it comes to innovative technology and product enhancements. With the help of Pierce’s innovations, departments can customize apparatus with unique features that provide firefighters with additional protection, equip teams with situational management tools, improve apparatus performance, etc. The possibilities are endless with Pierce.

Featured Innovations


Ascendant® Class of Aerials

Go where no aerial apparatus has gone before with the heavy-duty capabilities and dependability you deserve.


CARE Initiative

Carcinogen Awareness & Reduction to Exposure (CARE) initiative focuses on protecting firefighters from carcinogen exposure.


PACCAR MX-13 Big Block Engine

The new heart of heavy-duty performance


E-Coat Corrosion Protection

High-quality corrosion resistance. Proven to outperform and outlast.


Electrical Systems

The most reliable, configurable, usable electrical systems.


Hercules™ CAFS

Five times more effective than using water alone.


Husky™ 3

Abolish structure fires, wildland fires, automobile fires, and small class B spills.


Husky™ 12

Take on structure fires, wildland fires, automobile fires, and medium-class B spills.



The Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC). Easier to use. Easier to stay safe, store more, and conduct service.


Safety Systems

Pierce doesn’t just meet safety requirements. Pierce sets safety standards, ensuring 360° Protection From Every Angle™.


TAK-4® Independent Suspension

Proven, proprietary, severe-duty technology. Custom built for Pierce® chassis



Advancing elevated waterway response with its compact yet capable design.

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