Your world revolves around constant preparation. The Pierce® Dash® CF is the solution. The Dash CF apparatus features the PUC™ platform and cab forward configuration for more space up front and enhanced visibility for all firefighters.

The result: Drastically improved space for both driver and officer, lower step heights, more storage options, a large windshield and drop daylight windows for better visibility and scene assessment.






Dash® CF


Allison 3000 EVS, 4000 EVS, or 4500 EVS

Front Axle Suspension

TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension

Leaf, Rubber, Air, TAK-4®, or TAK-4® T3; Single or Tandem

Cab Length

70″ or 80″

Cab Width


Electrical System

Command Zone™


Detroit Diesel DD13 or Cummins ISL 9


270 – 430 amp

Cramp Angle (maximum)


Frame Rail


Cab Roof Style

Raised (11″)

Side Roll Protection


Engine Horsepower

370 – 525 hp

Front GAWR (maximum)

24,000 lb

Rear GAWR (maximum)

60,000 lb


Barrier or Full Height

Seating Capacity


Frontal Air Bags



Product Highlights

Custom Chassis Featured Highlights

TAK-4® Independent Suspension

These systems provide many advantages over other suspension systems. The components designed into these systems:

•    Allow you to maintain the feel of the road
•    Provide you a superb ride quality
•    Provide you with the confidence that you are in control of the vehicle and the road


Command Zone™

The new Command Zone makes it easier for firefighters to maintain their vehicles, prepare for calls and monitor performance on the scene. It also delivers the industry’s first prognostic capabilities to keep departments on the cutting edge.

Occupant Safety Systems

Traffic deaths are the second leading cause of firefighter death, and 60% of all traffic deaths involve a roll. Most manufacturers offer safety “widgets” or “features.” We believe safety should be more than that. At Pierce, safety is our entire approach to designing the apparatus. It is a system. It goes into every detail.


E-Coat Corrosion Protection

Corrosion has always been a concern for the entire fire industry within certain regions. The increased popularity of liquid de-icing agents along with traditional road salts has increased the risk of chassis related corrosion. To combat corrosion, Pierce Manufacturing is the first and only fire apparatus manufacturer to incorporate an electrophoretic coating (E-coat) process into our custom apparatus. 


Contact Fire Division

From pre-construction to delivery, our highly trained team of fire apparatus specialists will walk you through every-step to ensure your new apparatus is built from the ground up – just the way you want it. No one works more closely with their customers to configure each vehicle around their demands. Give us a call at 800-784-6806. Our dedicated sales and service team stand ready to assist you.