Quality assurance check the entire ambulance while documenting all necessary repairs and services that are needed.


Check all emergency, scene and DOT lighting


Check HVAC


Check electrical


All Quality Assurance issues found during the process, will passed onto the salesmen and customer for final approval.

Dismount the module from the chassis


When the truck is dismounted all new mounting brackets/hardware is replaced


Inspect all structural components


All exterior compartment doors are removed


All door hinges/compartment door hardware is removed


All door Weather stripping is replaced


All door hardware is replaced (meet current standards)

Truck will get painted and re lettered


Once the truck comes back from the paint and body shop, we will replace all diamond plate with new diamond plate and other cast aluminum products (around the fuel fill/def fluid)


Replace all interior vinyl (80-90% of the time)


  • Replace the vinyl flooring
  • Replace all the lexan in the interior cabinets
  • If there is any damage/rotting to the existing floor, the floor will be completely replaced with composite flooring.
  • When the vinyl flooring is replaced, we will reseal the subfloor to eliminate any fluids or pathogens from contaminating the floor.
  • Will replace the existing switches with all new switches in the module
  • Replace the center console
  • Including all new switch panel/touch screen
  • Replace all siren and speakers
  • Replace all sensors/switches
  • Replace all marker lights
  • Replace all HVAC (hoses,fittings,condensers,evaporator etc.)
  • Replace the vinyl flooring

Warranty: 1 year warranty on replacement components.