The all-new Saber® chassis was built with the value-driven firefighter in mind –
delivering advanced visibility, greater space, improved ergonomics and streamlined serviceability at an affordable price.








Ford Torqshift HD or Allison 3000 EVS

Front Axle Suspension


Rear Axle Suspension

Leaf, Rubber, or Air; Single or Tandem

Cab Length

60″ or 70″

Cab Width


Electrical System

Hard Wired


Ford Powerstroke or Cummins L9


270 – 360 amp

Cramp Angle (maximum)


Frame Rail


Cab Roof Style

Flat or Raised (10″)

Side Roll Protection


Engine Horsepower

330 – 450 hp

Front GAWR (maximum)

20,000 lb

Rear GAWR (maximum)

44,000 lb


Barrier or Full Height

Seating Capacity


Frontal Air Bags



Product Highlights

Custom Chassis Featured Highlights

Ford Powerstroke® Turbo Diesel Power Train

With superior performance, value-driven pricing and the tremendous reach of the Ford service network, more departments can get into a custom Pierce apparatus than ever before.



Occupant Safety Systems

Traffic deaths are the second leading cause of firefighter death, and 60% of all traffic deaths involve a roll. Most manufacturers offer safety “widgets” or “features.” We believe safety should be more than that. At Pierce, safety is our entire approach to designing the apparatus. It is a system. It goes into every detail.


E-Coat Corrosion Protection

Corrosion has always been a concern for the entire fire industry within certain regions. The increased popularity of liquid de-icing agents along with traditional road salts has increased the risk of chassis related corrosion. To combat corrosion, Pierce Manufacturing is the first and only fire apparatus manufacturer to incorporate an electrophoretic coating (E-coat) process into our custom apparatus. 


Ford Powerstroke® Turbo Diesel Power Train

Roush makes it possible: The power train that’s redefined the medium duty market is available on the Pierce Saber custom chassis. Ford makes it tough: Its legendary durability tested rigorously in the lab and real world add up to over a half-million dynometer miles. Pierce makes it capable: With legacy custom features of the workhorse Saber chassis.

Engine with Real-World Toughness

The Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engine, built for commercial vehicle applications, has been specifically upgraded to perform in heavy-duty applications. These upgrades include a larger turbo, larger DPF, and heavy-duty crankcase venting. The state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind engine was designed when all EPA regulations were known and meets all 2017 Green House Gas emissions.

The engine was developed with a clean slate design approach to maximize performance. The Ford power train is extremely efficient; it uses a large rpm range as you shift through gears, has improved throttle response, best in class fuel economy, and runs quieter.

This engine has been integrated into the Saber product line by Roush engineering. Roush; a name with deep roots in motor sports and high performance products has worked closely with Ford and Pierce to ensure this engine is fully integrated and operating at its peak performance.

  • Over 500,000 in production.
  • B10 life of 500,000 miles*.
  • 6.7 Liter, 330 hp, 725 lb-ft torque.
  • Standard/integral exhaust brake.
  • Dual alternators featuring a 360 amp combined output.
  • Exhaust manifold position increases air displacement & power.
  • Composite graphite iron engine block is lighter yet stronger than cast iron.
  • High-pressure common-rail fuel-injection system.
  • B20 biodiesel capability.
  • 5-yr/100,000-mile limited warranty.

Road-Tested, Reliable Transmission

The transmission in this powertrain is Ford’s TorqShift HD 6 speed automatic transmission, featuring push button gear selection and a PTO port with up to 300 ft-lb of torque capacity to run items like generators and fire suppression systems.

  • 150K mile maintenance schedule.
  • In-radiator transmission cooler.
  • Available live-drive power.
  • Torture-tested over thousands of miles at temperatures down to -40°F.
  • Key-life tested at customer-equivalent 350,000 miles.
  • 3-plate, 2-stage torque converter designed to handle heavy power loads.
  • Robust, upgraded gearsets for strength & durability.
  • High-capacity, high-efficiency dual-media fluid filter lowers maintenance downtime.
  • Engine braking & selective gearing minimize brake wear.

Service Made Easy

  • Ford “Commercial Vehicle Center” Network of Dealers.
  • Vast availability of service parts.
  • Extensive familiarity of power train for service outside Ford Network.
  • Intelligent oil change monitoring.


Ford Powerstroke Brochure