107′ Ladder

Pierce Heavy-Duty Aerials

The Ascendant® 107′ heavy-duty steel ladder has truly redefined the single rear axle aerial market, providing firefighters with an unprecedented 107′ of vertical and 100′ of horizontal reach without compromising on water capacity, performance, or safety. The heavy-duty 100,000 psi high strength steel ladder was purpose built using proven engineering practices. The Ascendant is rated at a 750 lb dry and a 500 lb wet tip load capacity with an additional 100 lb equipment allowance. It can flow up to 1,500 gpm and is capable of a store front blitz feature as standard.


Custom Chassis Choices

Arrow XT™, Enforcer™, Impel® or Velocity®


500 gallons

Jack Spread

18’ / 13’ short-jacked

Overall Apparatus Length


Overall Apparatus Height



Detroit Diesel DD13, Cummins ISX 12 or ISL

PUC Availability


Rear Axle Suspension



2500 lb

Collision Avoidance


Body Configurations

Quint, Texas Chute Out (Side Stacked Hosebed), No Pump/No Tank


Single set of outriggers & one downrigger

Ladder Storage Capacity

115’ to 200’ max (depending upon body style)

Hosebed Capacity

1,000′ of 5″ or split load 700′ of 5″ & 600′ of 3″ hose







Product Highlights

New Deliveries

Woodlands, TX


EL Paso, TX


Spring, TX


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From pre-construction to delivery, our highly trained team of fire apparatus specialists will walk you through every-step to ensure your new apparatus is built from the ground up – just the way you want it. No one works more closely with their customers to configure each vehicle around their demands. Give us a call at 800-784-6806. Our dedicated sales and service team stand ready to assist you.

The optimized design of the Ascendant ladder results in a significantly lighter vehicle – the Ascendant ladder on a tandem axle chassis has a rear axle rating of only 44,000 lb. A lighter weight vehicle provides numerous benefits: Departments in weight restrictive states can now have an Ascendant tandem axle configuration in their fleet; the costs of ownership are lower with less brake and tire wear; stopping distances are shorter and departments will realize better performance from the chassis drivetrain.

Aerial Ladder

  • Heavy-duty high strength steel
  • Innovative gusset design
  • Replaceable egress
  • Clean tip design
  • Store front blitz feature standard
  • Below grade operation (-10⁰)
  • Multiplexed
  • 100 lb additional equipment allowance at tip
  • Smoother and quicker deployment speeds


Fire Suppression

The Ascendant ladder is capable of flowing 1,500 gallons per minute through the waterway with a 750 pound dry and 500 pound wet tip load capacity.

Heavy-duty high-strength 100K psi steel construction

The Ascendant ladder is not a new ladder structural design at all; it’s simply an optimized design structure.

Improved corrosion resistance

E-coated pedestal and torque box on the single rear-axle configuration. E-coated torque box and stabilizers on the tandem rear-axle configuration.

Single axle stabilizers

Featuring 1 set of H-style stabilizers and 1 downrigger, the stabilizers were moved to locations on n the apparatus to maintain stability on a single axle with the weight available.

Tandem axle stabilizers

On the Ascendant tandem axle configuration there are four stabilizers, but only the front stabilizers are H-style outriggers – the rear two stabilizers are downriggers tat reduce the set-up footprint.


The single rear axle body is designed for a 2,500 pound equipment allowance and up to 306 cubic feet of compartmentation.

Single rear axle pedestal and torque box

The pedestal and torque box design is the backbone of the Ascendant single rear axle ladder. The unique design allows for no compromise in the ladder performance.