Pierce® aerial platforms provide smooth and precise control throughout the full range of aerial operation. This includes a 235 degree sweep at ground level, a 16′ 6″ stabilizer spread, and a 2,000 gpm flow capacity. All this with a 1000 lb payload capacity.





Custom Chassis Choices

Arrow XT™, Dash® CF, Quantum® or Velocity®

Body Support Substructure

Pierce exclusive under­slung steel body supports features a neoprene elastomer isolated mount system

Pump Range

Waterous, Hale, Darley Midship or PTO

Wind & Ice Ratings

Up to 35 mph winds & 1/4″ of ice

Ladder Reach

100′ vertical, 92′ horizontal

PUC Availability



Up to 500 gallons


2 sets of H-style: front & rear

Hosebed Capacity

1000′ of 5″ hose

Flow Capacity

2000 gpm

Body Warranty

10 yr

Structural Ladder Warranty

20 yr


Product Highlights

Contact Fire Division

From pre-construction to delivery, our highly trained team of fire apparatus specialists will walk you through every-step to ensure your new apparatus is built from the ground up – just the way you want it. No one works more closely with their customers to configure each vehicle around their demands. Give us a call at 800-784-6806. Our dedicated sales and service team stand ready to assist you.