Summit Type I


The Summit 170 is the largest ambulance Crestline offers and has a spacious interior with 72” of headroom. The rear exterior door design provides increased headroom and patient privacy. The aluminum cabinets have rounded corners and additional padding for enhanced safety. The interior LED lights are color balanced for accurate skin pallor diagnosis and provide ambient options for patient comfort. 3M noise reduction material added to provide a more relaxing ride. Choice of the AceTech Integrated Vehicle Intelligence system or a conventional wiring system.


Overall Length

Overall Width

Overall Height


Wheel Base


Ford F450

311″ (789.9 cm)

96″ (243.8 cm)

106″ (269.2 cm)

72″ (182.9 cm)

193″ (492.5 cm)

Up to 3000 lbs (1360.8 kg)

Ford F450 4×4

311″ (789.9 cm)

96″ (243.8 cm)

106″ (269.2 cm)

72″ (182.9 cm)

193″ (492.5 cm)

Up to 3000 lbs (1360.8 kg)

Main features:

Easy serviceable HVAC system.

40/60 split doors for patient
privacy allows paramedic to
enter & exit through one door

Strength of roll cage
construction proven with
extreme static load testing.


Optional siren & air horns for
optimal traffic clearance.

Optional camera & monitor

Optional backup sensors.

The Crestline Advantage – World Class In Safety

Ambulances known to provide world class safety for both patients and medics due to the strength of our roll cage design.

CrestCoat Exclusive Powder Coat Technology

Lower your operational costs and downtime by eliminating corrosion.

O2 to Go System

Reduces the risk of injuries and increases the speed of medical assistance.


Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution


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From pre-construction to delivery, our highly-trained team of ambulance specialists will walk you through every-step to ensure your new ambulance is built from the ground up – just the way you want it. No one works more closely with their customers to configure each vehicle around their demands. Give us a call at 210-823-9584. Our dedicated sales and service team stand ready to assist you.