New Tactical Ambulance Offering

As a dealer for both Wheeled Coach and Road Rescue ambulances, Siddons-Martin customers are now offered a tactical, ballistic ambulance product. In the current state of affairs when firefighters and paramedics are now forced to protect themselves from violence, this new Guardian ambulance now provides a level of safety for the emergency responders headed into the scene. With NIJ Level 3A Kevlar, NIJ Level 3A windows, and Composite Run Flat Tire Inserts, the Guardian protects first responders with the same level of protection as vests and helmets. This ballistic build is available on both Wheeled Coach and Road Rescue ambulances. While this truck features a full black out package, the Guardian protection package can be installed on your ambulance with your standard paint and graphics package to match your fleet. For more information on this offering, please contact our EMS Sales Team.

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