Pierce Regional Training in Fort Worth, TX

We’re offering Pierce Regional Training  at Tarrant Community College October 1st-5th.  Classes will be 08:00 till 3:30 each day.

We’ll be offering the following 5 courses:

  • Chassis Electrical (10/1 – 10/2)  $650
  • TAK-4 Suspension Maintenance (10/1 – 10/2) $650
  • Command Zone I, II, & III (10/3 – 10/5) $800
  • Air Brakes, ESC, ABS, Troubleshooting  (10/3 – 10/4) $650



Contact Herb Oubre
Call (281) 635-1143
Email houbre@siddons-martin.com


Class Location

Tarrant Community College
4801 Marine Creek Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76179-3599


Course Title:    Air Brakes, ESC & ABS Troubleshooting
Length of Course: 2 Days

This course is intended to supply to the mechanic basic air brake theory and proper repair and maintenance procedures on chassis air brake systems. During the 2 day class utilizing classroom instruction and hands-on experience, the mechanic will cover the chassis air supply system, brake valves and components, and the proper testing and repair of the system components.

Lesson Time (Hrs) Topic
1 2:00 Introductions, Basic Air Systems, and Safety
2 4:00 Air Supply System
3 2:00 Brake Maintenance
4 2:00 Anti-lock Brake Systems
5 2:00 RSC and ESC Systems
6 2:00 Drum Brakes
7 2:00 Disc Brakes


Course Title:    Chassis Electrical
Length of Course: 2 Days

This electrical course deals with the (non-multiplex) electrical systems found on our Pierce® Chassis. The class is structured to cover location and function of major electrical components used on these vehicles. The class will include lecture, demonstration and hands-on instruction covering the following topics:

Lesson Time (Hrs) Topic
1 2:00 Introductions, Safety, Chassis Electrical Systems
2 3:00 Basic Electrical, Schematics, And Service Information
3 4:00 Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Strategies
4 2:00 Charging Systems
5 1:00 Wire, Terminal, and Connector Repair
6 2:00 Control Systems
7 1:00 Pierce Command Zone Overview


Course Title:    COMMAND ZONE™ Systems
Length of Course: 3 Days

*Prerequisite: Chassis Electrical

This course will provide instruction on the Pierce® Command Zone electrical systems including the new Command Zone III. During the 3 day class the student will receive classroom instruction and hands-on opportunities to troubleshoot and repair faults.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Command Zone terminology
  • Why specific components are used
  • Component locations and their functions
  • Purpose and use of an Input /Output (I/O) sheets
  • Explanation of interlock functions
  • Instructions on the use of Command Zone software
  • Suggested test equipment and spare parts
Lesson Time (Hrs) Topic
1 1:00 Introductions, Safety, Command Zone Systems
2 2:00 Data Links
3 1:00 Command Zone Components and Module ID
4 2:00 CZ Distribution Area’s and CZIC
5 2:00 Command Zone I/O Sheets
6 3:00 Command Zone Software
7 3:00 Command Zone Prints and Troubleshooting
7 2:00 Command Zone Maintenance


Course Title:    TAK-4® Suspension Maintenance
Length of Course: 2 Days

Students attending this 2 day course will learn the basic design and principles of our exclusive TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension system. Included is the proper maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures used on the system. The class will include lecture, demonstration, and hands-on instruction.

Lesson Time (Hrs) Topic
1 4:00 Introduction, Safety, and TAK-4 Design & Features
2 4:00 Wheel Hub and Brake Assemblies
3 3:00 Control Arms and Steering Components
4 1:30 Torsion Bar Repairs
5 1:30 Hydraulic System Service and Testing
6 1:00 Troubleshooting
7 1:00 Rear Suspension
7 2:00 Command Zone Maintenance