We deliver the highest distributed load ratings of any aluminum aerial in the industry. This 100’ Pierce Aluminum Aerial Ladder has the same capabilities as the 75′ aluminum ladder and comes equipped with a 12’ stabilizer spread and an industry-leading 750 lb. rated load capacity, dry. The ladder is aluminum. The thinking behind it is pure Pierce.






Custom Chassis Choices

Arrow XT™, Dash® CF, Enforcer™, Impel®, Quantum®, or Velocity®

Body Support Substructure

Pierce exclusive under­slung steel body supports features a neoprene elastomer isolated mount system

Pump Range

Waterous, Hale, Darley Midship or PTO

Wind & Ice Ratings

Up to 35 mph winds & 1/4″ of ice


75′ vertical, 67’9″ horizontal
100′ vertical, 91’7″ horizontal

PUC Availability



Up to 750 gallons


Up to 2 sets of H-style

Hosebed Capacity

1000′ of 5″ hose

Payload Capacity

Up to 750 lb

Flow Capacity

1500 gpm

Body Warranty

10 yr

Structural Ladder Warranty

20 yr

Product Highlights

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New Deliveries

Pearland, TX


St. Tammany, LA


Terrytown, LA


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