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We sell Pierce Fire Apparatus, and only Pierce. Pierce has a history of excellence that goes back to 1913, and we believe them to be the best in the business! We are proud and confident to represent this company to our valued customers. Siddons-Martin Emergency Group has a proven record of service to the fire-fighting industry. Call us today and let's talk about how we can help you.

Meet Our Staff

Leon Martin Jr.

Leon Martin Jr. President of Service

Pat Siddons

Pat Siddons President of Sales

Jeff  Keiser

Jeff Keiser Executive Vice President

Kirk  Givler

Kirk Givler Vice President of Sales

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison Vice President of Service

Connie Oubre

Connie Oubre Executive Assistant

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams Legal Compliance / Asst. Counsel

Denise Picou

Denise Picou Director of Accounting/Payroll

Kristan  Lewis

Kristan Lewis Warranty Administration

Julie Breitschmid

Julie Breitschmid Accounts Receivable / Reception

Kelli Metzger

Kelli Metzger Accounts Payable Lead

Leslie Gutierrez

Leslie Gutierrez Accounts Payable

Lyndsey Settle

Lyndsey Settle Accounts Receivable Lead

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