Velocity Pumper

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group: Velocity Pumper


We asked firefighters to envision the ideal fire truck. Then we listened carefully. They told us about practical things that would make a truck easier to use. They identified space, storage, safety, maintenance and performance improvements. We wrote it all down and turned a team of engineers loose with one goal: make it happen. More Interior Space even as the 2007 emissions regulations have increased the size of engines and engine tunnels, Pierce has meticulously designed the Velocity to get the greatest use from every square inch of space, ensuring the comfort and maneuverability of firefighters. It’s in the details. An HVAC system with electronic controls and better airflow to provide greater comfort and reduce stress.

The interior of the Velocity chassis offers more legroom and more cab space to comfortably carry more personnel (up to 10) and more equipment. It also features an advanced HVAC system with a large defrost capacity, easy-to-see LED backlit status bars, and a custom-designed push-button electronic control panel with optional officer side or crew cab position. Heaters, located in the crew cab under the rear facing seats, displace heat to both the front and the rear of the cab, and are more efficient as hot air rises. The certified A/C system has an increased capacity and 14 adjustable overhead vents to help cool every seating position faster in hot weather. (A/C cools the cab to 66 degrees within 30 minutes after being heated to 100 degrees F at 50% relative humidity.)

The industry’s widest doors – 43" front and 38" rear – and larger, deeper interior and exterior handles that can be easily gripped with a gloved hand to make entry safer and exit quicker and more efficient. Easy entry and a lower, door-to-door floor without recessed stepwells in the rear of the cab to help firefighters enter, exit and move easily and more safely.

Storage & Clutter Management

A fire truck provides a lot more than just transportation. It serves and supports the efforts of firefighters by functioning as a mobile office. In some ways, it is like a field operations center. To help keep things running smoothly and efficiently, Velocity was designed to provide INTEGRATED COMPARTMENTS that keep resources and tools such as books, manuals, cell phones, sunglasses and radios well organized and within arm’s reach. Radios, switching or recessed pockets can be mounted in a number of locations within the console at engine height or overhead. Velocity’s ROTOMOLDED CONSOLE AND DOOR PANELS enhance the functional organization of the cab, and are so strong they take any abuse you give it. The console even features a flat work surface that serves as a desk area at the officer’s position. With a place for everything and the PROPER MANAGEMENT OF CAB CLUTTER, there is no need for makeshift solutions that might obstruct visibility, become projectiles in the event of emergency braking, or fall uncontrollably when the cab is tilted.


We’ve designed the Velocity with increased visibility so it’s easier for occupants to see. Additionally, the Velocity features the industry’s thickest cab firewall and has proven its integrity through comprehensive third-party crash testing. As another industry first for Pierce, Velocity offers FRONTAL AIR BAGS.

PIERCE'S EXCLUSIVE ONE-ELEVEN MIRRORS make the Velocity the only OEM fire truck to meet FMVSS-111 visibility standards for school buses. They are positioned to minimize both the body and head movements of the driver, and they ensure that the officer’s position does not interfere with passenger side mirror visibility. This positioning has the added advantages of providing visibility down to the front bumper as well as along the sides of the body, and narrows the overall width of the vehicle by as much as eight inches as compared to conventional door-mounted mirrors. VELOCITY’S SINGLE-PIECE BONDED WINDSHIELD increases visibility and reduces the risk of accidents as the driver is able to clearly see the road, pedestrians and traffic. There is no center post to obstruct the driver’s vision, and the absence of an outside curved windshield results in considerably less distortion to the corners. Velocity offers the THICKEST FIREWALL IN THE INDUSTRY, which not only helps keep firefighters safe from outside dangers like heat and flame, but also reduces outside noise so firefighters can hear better while in the cab.

Pierce PS6® Seats

A firefighter who is less stressed is going to be safer and more effective. There's no doubt about that. So anything we can do to alleviate stress on the way to the scene has great benefits that go way beyond a comfortable ride.

  •     Side roll protection
  •     Dual seat belt retractors and double-length seat belts
  •     Hands-free SCBA holders
  •     Lumbar support
  •     7.5 degree angle of recline
  •     17" cushion (front to back)

The Velocity chassis features Pierce’s exclusive PS6® seats, the first custom-designed, safer and noticeably more comfortable seat in the industry, featuring a 7.5 degree angle of recline. PS6® seats with double length seat belts and dual retractors that are located within easy reach and can be pulled quickly and comfortably over a firefighter in full turnout gear. The inertia-activated hands-free SCBA holders provide easy walk-away operation without the hassle of levers or straps. Developed with LifeGuard Technologies, a division of IMMI, the hands-free brackets set a new safety standard among seating solutions available in fire trucks.

Easier Maintenance

The Velocity’s systems, components and structures are smartly configured to speed diagnostics and provide quick and ready access. Among the many considerations that contribute to a low cost of ownership are the following:

  •     Fast access service tilt front hood provides for easy routine maintenance
  •     Three wiper blades and wiper motor are quick and easy to replace
  •     Lift / tow frame extension can tow vehicle without special equipment and reduces damage from towing
  •     Wire raceways and easy harness access reduces time needed to trace and troubleshoot
  •     Easy to access and service electrical systems, breakers, components and modules.
  •     Command Zone™ advanced electronics with easy access to breakers, fuses and modules
  •     Visual electrical diagnostics are simple to use, requiring no special equipment for troubleshooting
  •     Three-piece overhead console provides quick access to electrical systems
  •     Check / fill access door in engine tunnel for quick access to engine and transmission fluid levels
  •     13 3/8" frame rails transfer less wear and tear to the vehicle’s body and are the largest and strongest in the industry at 120,000 PSI
  •     Rubber tube sheet transmission cooler with 3-year $10,000 collateral damage warranty and 5-year cooler warranty
  •     TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension system improves ride quality by more than 300%
  •     Water proof air filter system protects engine and requires less time to service
  •     Frame rail clamping provides easy, organized access to electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components
  •     Hub piloted wheels require less time to service
  •     Aluminum core radiator features efficient cooling